Who we are

Our practice, experience and values

Maliya is a unique word chosen by its founders to depict the founders vision of providing  unique African tours that speak to their experiences of being Kenyan and Zambian while living in the Western Cape. Our services are especially tailored to suite needs of travelers who require personalized assistance with tours, business visits, and family holidays. We are especially interested in the needs for travelers from the rest of Africa who seek out sites and histories in South Africa that are distinct from those in other African countries. 

Maliya is a new company founded in July 2019. We are 100% Indigenous African owned and managed with a commitment to support black BEE (Black Economic Empowered) companies in South Africa.

Our Values are:

- Honesty

- Integrity

- Professionalism

- Respect

- Rest and Ease

Maliya is our beautiful creation.

"Beauty is not a luxury, rather it is a way of creating possibility in the space of enclosure, a radical act of subsistence, an embrace of our terribleness, a transfiguration of the given. It is a will to adorn, a proclivity for the baroque, and the love of too much."
-Saidiya Hartman